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Glenn Beck’s Arguing With Idiots Video

Written by | October 5th, 2009

The below video is from The Glenn Beck Show, and was created to promote his new book, “Arguing With Idiots.” The video is really funny! The tax analogy that Ben Franklin shares with Karl Marx is also very true; and very insightful for those who do not know this fact. I have been reading the book; it is actually very good; and filled with useful facts.

The other night, I had the privilege of meeting Glenn Beck, at a book-signing, in NJ; he seemed like a really nice guy! : ) Here are some pictures, and two videos , from the other night, for anyone who is interested.

Be forewarned, the song in the below video, is very catchy! So, don’t be surprised if it is still in your head, hours after watching it. : )


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One thought on “Glenn Beck’s Arguing With Idiots Video

  1. Jackie

    And you now know from my experience that it is true that the poor receive a tax refund.  Not that this would ever happen, but wouldn't the rich feel better if they just paid me that money directly and got a tax deduction for charity rather than getting the tax bill?  Boy is our government messed up.


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