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George W. Bush

Written by | January 21st, 2009
Over the last eight years, I have not agreed with some of George Bush’s policies; prior to 2005, I totally bashed President Bush, and never voted for him once. However, over the last three years, I have come to appreciate him, (and the office) so much more then I did prior. If you were to ask me to list out several things that I really have admired about him, I am not sure of how many that I could list, however, I can list four things for sure…
1. He was a genuine president; he did not do what was popular, however, right or wrong, he did what he thought was best for America.
2. He was an absolute gentleman as far as transitioning power to Barack Obama.
Most importantly..
3. He brought us threw one of the most difficult times in American History, and that is 9-11.
4. His administration has undoubtedly kept us from any further terrorist attacks on American soil; and for these last two reasons alone, I would like to thank our former president, George W. Bush.
I do wish him and his family all the best..
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3 thoughts on “George W. Bush

  1. Soupy

    I was just the opposite.  I voted for him twice, three times if you count my McCain vote this past year.  I went through times at the end where I questioned his decisions, but it is very nice to see a "classic Bush-basher" recognize these things about George 43, especially the first one.

    I bring up that point in one of my posts from yesterday.  Here's the link

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. markross Post author

    Hi Soupy!

    I also voted for McCain, this last election; that was the first time that I have ever voted Republican in my life. I feel as though both parties have failed us miserably, over the last 4 years, in particular. However, philosophically, I am finding that I do agree more with Republicans these days…(low taxes, less government etc.)

    Having said that, I am (now) registered as an Independent, as I do not feel committed to either party anymore.

    From the get go, I definitely questioned The Iraq War, but now, I do think that we need to get out responsibly.

    I totally disagreed with the whole bailout syndrome, and that is certainly a blemish on George Bush's record as well, however, I am definitely appreciative of somethings that he has done, as well; in particular, keeping us safe from any further attacks. I pray that this new administration will also take these threats, very serious.

    Unfortunately, there are, and always will be people that want to blame Bush for everything that has gone wrong with this country. I try to look at the policies and not one person, or party.

    I will certainly look at your post, and feel free to weigh in here, anytime.


  3. markross Post author

    From the onset of his presidency, I think that George Bush was destined for hard times as a result of the 2000 election, and the way it ended.

    I believe that he definitely gained admiration and respect from the people (including myself) in his response to 9-11, when he went to New York, and put his arm around that fireman, then announced that we were going to get those that perpetuated the horrific acts of 9-11.

    I remember, right after 9-11, people in this country were starting to bully around Middle Eastern descendants, and Bush made it clear that Middle Eastern descendants were mostly decent, peaceful people, and the ones that orchestrated 9-11, were a very radical faction of The Muslim faith. Also, his decision to deploy our military into Afghanistan was expected and well received.

    At this point, we had the support and empathy of the world behind us; as well as an united country, behind the president. Then, out of nowhere, a flash from the past, Saddam Hussein, Iraq, and a possible connection was being talked about. The American citizens, even our leaders were in a very vulnerable state, as post 9-11 shock, confusion and anger was still flowing through our veins. So, I do believe that most Americans bought into the fact that Iraq was involved, and that was what our intelligence agencies were telling us. I can still remember precisely where I was when it was announced that we were going into Iraq, and I was not happy about it. However, if it were true that Saddam Hussein had a part in 9-11, then he certainly needed to be dealt with.

    I think that was the defining event that caused such division, in our country, and for our country, around the world. I do believe that Saddam Hussein was a very bad man, and I for one have no bad feelings about him being removed from power, however, to this day, I do not believe that we had any need to put those troops on the ground, in Iraq. Does anyone recall (in 1989) that we hoisted Noriega from Panama without major military deployments? Also, during The Gulf War, we crippled Iraq from the air, as opposed to getting entangled into an ugly ground war.

    From the onset, I was against having military in Iraq, and more importantly, nation building. In fact, George Bush campaigned in 2000 against nation building; now here we are, eight years later, re-building Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Both of these wars have cost The American people greatly; lives and monetarily. In my opinion, there is no doubt that we belonged in Afghanistan, and there is no doubt that The Bush administration has made tremendous progress in dismantling The Taliban and Al-Queada, however, I often wonder if the price tag was “far” more then it ever needed to be.

    I was very much into strengthening our border and national security, as opposed to being entangled into very costly wars. I am far from any sort of military strategist, however, I do believe that we could have done much more from the air, and covertly; and saved a whole lot of money and lives.

    Now that we are in Iraq, I do believe that we need to exit with dignity, and I am (of course) thankful that it did turn around in our favor, however, I do believe that the war in Iraq was a very divisive war, and in my opinion, perhaps one of George Bush’s biggest tarnishes as our president.

    I do believe that The Iraq War, at a cost of (approximately) ten billion dollars per month, “may” have been the beginning of the economic problems that we are now facing.



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