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Freedom’s Just Another Word

Posted by | November 14th, 2008
“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to loose.”  
Kris Kristofferson
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9 thoughts on “Freedom’s Just Another Word

  1. markross Post author

    Hi K,

    I don't fully agree with it myself, however, philosophically, I do understand it.

    I think that it is saying; when you have less, there is a feeling of, having less of a burden to maintain and keep it. Less burden can equal freedom to some people.

    I have met a few people that truly believed in traveling light, in life.

    Often they are the happiest people I have met.

    It can mean different things, to different people; while it can be construed as a bit defeatist, to me, it speaks to materialism.

    So, tell me, why do you disagree?


  2. KEB

    Very well …

    Freedom isn't a state of being, it is a state of mind, while you have captured that in "traveling light" you fail to see that state of mind, the knowledge that there is indeed something to lose. If one feels liberated by having nothing (i.e. nothing to work to protect) then I submit that one also does not have freedom.

    Freedom conveys, at least to me, a deeper sense of commonality with being able to act according to ones own wishes IF one has the resources to do so.

    If you lack the ability to make those decisions, then freedom is worth nothing.

    To feel freedom because you have nothing else to lose is crazy, for if you feel, you have something to lose.

  3. markross Post author


    I agree with you fully; freedom is a state of mind, just as happiness is.

    The above words were not my own, but rather Kris Kristofferson's. However, there is a part of me that understands and relates to it.

    Our material wealth and possessions can be a freedom factor, if you are in search of the material things, in life. If those material things become a burden to you, or cause a great deal of stress, then I would submit to you, that you are now a prisoner of your own making.

    In one post, didn't you say that you (at times) were happier when you were poor?

    Trust me, I appreciate and want nice things, as much as the next person, however, when those things become detrimental to my health or well being, then they are basically of zero worth to me.

    So, to that extent, "I" didn't think of it as having nothing left to loose, but rather having nothing as a way to rebuild and re-establish one's self. : )


  4. markross Post author


    I was just thinking of our founding fathers, they had to totally rid The British government of their lives, and throw their way of life, to the wind, in order to find the liberty and freedom that they were in search of. "Give me liberty, or give me death" Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775

    So, they reached a point to where loosing all was worth the risk of gaining every thing : )


  5. KEB

    I think you I lost you … I am merely stating that if you have nothing, you also have no freedom, save perhaps freedom from stuff. That turns freedom topsy turvy, where bondage becomes preferred over the ability to act on ones own devices.

  6. markross Post author

    I think this one line quote is like all of the other quotes; they are very subjective and can be seen from many points of view.

    I suppose that is the idea; that is to take them for what they are worth, or not worth to you : )


  7. markross Post author

    I think that I have finally understood what you are saying…

    For example, if a person was paralyzed, and wheelchair stricken for life; then they have lost "most" of the necessary faculties needed to get up and try to make something happen; at least in the same sense that we have.

    Perhaps this more aligned with your take on this?



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