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Fox Business Sues The Government For TARP Fund Info

Written by | February 4th, 2009
This story is a little dated, as it goes back to December, however, for those who do not know, it is certainly a story worth telling, and following…
Fox Business filed a freedom of information act request from The Feds, and The Treasury for information on the use of The TARP Fund. However, this information was not disclosed; as a result, Fox Business sued The U.S. Treasury for this information.
Please watch this video…
I for one, am very thankful for the people on the front lines that “are” looking out the citizens, and not allowing the government to pull the wool over our eyes.
It is our tax dollars, and we certainly do have a right to know “precisely” how the money is being used; In this case, I would have to believe that most citizens would agree.
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