Corporate Welfare

Posted September 7th, 2012

By R.J. Matson

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2 thoughts on “Corporate Welfare

  1. Mark Ross

    Despite what many Americans are being led to believe, we are not really being morphed into a Socialist State, but rather, in my opinion, a Fascist State: “The commonly accepted theory that fascism originated in the conspiracy of the great industrialists to capture the state will not hold. It originated on the Left. Primarily it gets its first impulses in the decadent or corrupt forms of socialism—from among those erstwhile socialists who, wearying of that struggle, have turned first to syndicalism and then to becoming saviors of capitalism, by adapting the devices of socialism and syndicalism to the capitalist state. The industrialists and nationalists joined up only when the fascist squadrons had produced that disorder and confusion in which they found themselves lost.” – John T. Flynn (As We Go Marching)

  2. Mark Ross

    ‎4. These plans involve control of all the instruments of production and distribution through great government bureaus which have the power to make regulations or directives with the force of law.

    5. They involve also the comprehensive integration of government and private finances, under which investment is directed and regimented by the government, so that while ownership is private and production is carried on by private owners there is a type of socialization of investment, of the financial aspects of production. By this means the state, which by law and by regulation can exercise a powerful control over industry, can enormously expand and complete that control by assuming the role of banker and partner.

    6. They involve also the device of creating streams of purchasing power by federal government borrowing and spending as a permanent institution.

    – John T. Flynn (As We Go Marching)

    Please see:
    Where These Elements Are Found There Is Fascism

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