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2 thoughts on “Congress Has Not Unlimited Powers

  1. Lisa Blair Hathaway

    The operative word is “PROMOTE” the general welfare. It does not mean “ESTABLISH”. To PROMOTE is to “be for”, to stand up for, not to establish nor to put in to place. Congress has it all wrong about PROMOTING the GENERAL WELFARE. It does not mean to PROVIDE.

    PROVIDE for the common defense, PROMOTE the general Welfare, and SECURE the Blessings of Liberty.

  2. Lisa Blair Hathaway

    Mark, thank you so much for noting “PROMOTE” in the The Preamble, and “PROVIDE” in the First Clause. That has to be a “typo” in the First Clause, SMILE. If we were a communist nation then by all means PROVIDE, yet we are a savy capitalist nation who guarded against Govt. infringement and outright take over. With the “RIGHT” people honoring our U.S. Constitution AS INTENDED we are GOLDEN. With the Wrong People, We are Screwed.



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