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Congratulations To Barack Obama

Written by | November 5th, 2008
Well, I am a bit surprised; I thought that the election would be a bit closer then it was. I will now admit, publicly that I did not vote for Obama.
I am from Philadelphia, and like many others from Philadelphia, I had been a life long Democrat.
Today was the first time that I did not vote for a Democrat, and I am now registered as an Independent, with no allegiance to either party.
It is not that I am pro-Republican or anti-Democrat, it is that I do have fundamental differences from some of the (proposed) policies that Barack Obama has set forth.
Having said that, now that he is our next president elect, I will support and respect him. As a proud American, I want nothing more then for this country to reunite and make things better for all of us.
I am sorry that I can not recall who said these words, but I recently heard someone say, “we may not see eye to eye, however, we can walk arm and arm”. As Americans, this is precisely what I think that we need to do.
Also, I would like to say that I am very proud of Senator Obama for becoming the first African American president, it truly is a historical moment, in American history.
I can not promise that I will agree with him, all of the time, but I do pray for his success and for all of America, going forward.
Also, I want to say that John McCain was a true gentleman in conceding the race to Obama.
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