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Powell Endorses Obama

Written by | October 19th, 2008
In my opinion, here is a very good, case and point scenario:
Today, Colin Powell, a very reputable, well respected, black man and public servant to our country, endorsed Barack Obama. This may be very disheartening to some Republicans. However, as an American citizen, that is his right.
So, now that Colin Powell has put his personal choice out there, is it fair that people debate him on his choice and political view of how Obama may be the better leader? What will not be fair is if he is attacked on his personal life and character, in order for the other side to try to obtain some sort of headway politically. This is the kind of thing that I am seeing from the hard left. 
This Joe The Plumber guy simply asked a very legitimate question to Obama, while on the campaign stump; and now, he is being attacked very hard, on all different facets of his personal life.
So, my overall point is that if you are a public servant, then in my belief, policies and past affiliations are very fair and valid questions to ask, and to bring into question.
What is very hard for me to watch is the deliberate attacks on the candidate’s family and character.
I do not see how pulling a man or woman down, so viciously, with smears, will help their cause one bit; if anything it shows a desperate attempt to avoid otherwise important issues that can be, and perhaps, need to be examined.
This also has me wondering if some are not going to accuse Colin Powell of selecting Obama, based on race; I sure hope not.
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6 thoughts on “Powell Endorses Obama

  1. LdyBelle

    Giving support is one's personal choice and no one should be persecuted for it.. I'm not aware of any mud slinging of the supporters, but it's ludicrous if they are going after Joe the Plumber for his questions to Obama or questioning CP's support of Obama – What's the point? Every citizen has the right to question a candidate and/or support a candidate.. Simple as that.. This media frenzy is overboard and that is where my frustrations lie.. They notoriously make mountains out of mole hills and I have a feeling this is another prime example..

    Good for Joe for asking those questions that are important to him! If he's satisfied or disatisfied, then he can make that choice on November 4th..

    Good for CP on his support of a candidate! He has every right to and somewhat expected to being a key figure in the political arena.. It wasn't too long ago that they wanted him to run for office..

  2. markross Post author

    Once again, I agree with you totally LdyBelle.

    It is kind of bizarre how they attached a real issue to this Joe The Plumber guy, however, his question was absolutely a valid and very good question, indeed.

    So, now we, as Americans, need to debate the issue and focus less on the person that raised the question. Still, as you are saying, Kudos to Joe (Samuel "Joe" Wurzelbacher) for posing that question to Barack Obama in the first place.

    As far as CP, I was a bit surprised at his choice, but in retrospect, I am not. I think that he got a pretty bad shake, during his time as Secretary of State and he may be a little disparaged at the current administration as well. Of course, this is my speculation. He may even be trying to leverage himself for another role in The Federal government, and that is OK, as well.

    You are totally right, no one should be persecuted for their choice, however, as such a public figure as CP, he is undoubtedly going to be asked why he made that choice, which is OK to ask, I think.

    In the history of our country, we have never had an African American man as a presidential candidate; even if I do not vote for Obama, I respect him very much for making it to this point, in American history.

    Having said that, you will of course get those that think that CP picked Obama, based on race. It is not impossible to believe, however, I think that CP is far more intelligent then to just base his selection on that.

    If Hillary were a candidate, people would be asking the same questions, based on gender; fair or not.


  3. LdyBelle

    Yes, I agree with you as well.. Things can easily turn into a race issue or gender issue in the country at the flip of the switch! It saddens me, in 2008, that still plays into today's society… I have the utmost respect for CP and he seems to be one the few high profile political figures that seems to not have his own agenda.. I saw the interview on Sunday and the way he spoke out on how he feels the Republician party is going a certain way and how he personally disagreed with was pretty admirable in my opinion.. I'm tired of party lines.. How about something like the American Party? People who truly care about making this country better despite the left or the right? Sounds good to me! :)

  4. markross Post author

    Well thank you!

    We are in agreement then; nice place to be, huh? :)

    Yes, I think that CP is an independent-minded individual who is not agenda based, however, I do think that he is very disappointed in his party, The Republican party.

    I think that both parties have failed us miserably.

    It is so historic how people are switching parties like never before, in the history of this country.

    I was a life long Democrat, now I am an Independent.

    I agree with you LdyBelle, we are all tired of the bickering and BS in DC.

    I have often said that we are still having a Civil War, in this country, and it is taking place in DC.



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