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Colin Powell And The Republican Party

Written by | May 17th, 2009

Recently, Colin Powell had migrated over to The Democratic Party. As an American, he certainly has the right to do so, however, he has also said that he still considers himself a Republican.

Now, while I agree with Colin Powell on a few points, in regards to The Republican Party, I completely disagree with him that Americans want a bigger government and more taxes for services.

Evoking a bigger government and more taxes is in direct contrast to the core principals of The Republican Party and of our founder’s vision. In fact, big government control and high taxes were the foundation for The American Revolution.

Colin Powell is a very smart man, and while I agree with him to some extent, I have to believe that he knows that The Republican Party is a direct contrast to what he has been advocating lately.

If he wants bigger government and higher taxes, then he is now in the right party, at the right time; in fact, that philosophy is even more indicative to a farther-left Democrat, I’m not sure that a more “moderate” Democrat would even agree with his assertion.

He has also stated how he worked under Ronald Reagan; and no reasonable American will doubt Colin Powell’s great patriotism and service to our country; but again, these philosophies that he is advocating, are in direct contrast to Ronald Reagan as well. Ronald Reagan said that government was the problem, not the solution, and he was right. Ronald Reagan was also an advocate of low taxation.

So, while The Republican Party certainly needs to do a bit of work, they “should not” sell out their core beliefs, nor should The Republican Party allow a powerful, intelligent man like Colin Powell to try to sell (brand) The Republican Party as something that it is not.

I would like to see people read more about the history of our parties and what they truly stand for; it is actually eye-opening. It was after doing the research that I realized, my views on the economy, government and taxation, were much more aligned with The Republican Party, and our founding fathers. However, most of my life I had voted Democrat because I was told to do so, and was lead to believe that they were the right party.

The Republican Party has some great philosophies, however, they do not seem to have someone that can articulate the great virtues of The Republican Party… such as low (or no) income tax, smaller government, and how these things really are better for the overall economy. It is not enough to just say that it is better, but they need a good (vibrant) leader who can connect with the people and give many real life examples of “how”, and “why” it is better.

I have heard people tell me that low taxes and smaller government would be great, however, they say that Republicans are mostly rich people that will step right over you if you fall. I don’t believe this to be true, but I can see how they have come to that conclusion as I use to feel the same way. So, for sure, the party does need to rebuild that connection to the every day person again.

I believe that The Republican Party could even articulate a case for putting most government ran programs into the hands of the private sector. In fact, I am one that believes that any program that is being manged by government, could be better managed in the private sector, with “responsible” government over site. Unlike some Republicans that I have spoke and  listened to, I (and many others) do believe that some regulations are a necessary evil; especially after seeing so much corporate abuse in the recent past; none of which gives our great system of capitalism a good name.

That being said, for a moment, consider our ancestors… they were given great opportunity in this country by working hard, and were not taken care of by the government…

So, to that extent, I would agree that we do need to be a nation of more self-reliance, and less reliance on government, however, when we incessantly talk about self-reliance, I think that some mistake that for not caring about others or not being compassionate. I have also spoke to many Democrats who certainly believe in God, but feel as though Republicans have made their faith too much of their political format, and feel as though Republicans often push their religious points of view on the masses. I am not asserting that faith is not important, as I am also a person of faith, however, there are many that feel as though faith should not be mixed in with politics, and they are the ones that do not get the economic message of low taxes and smaller government as a result.

So, my belief is that there are certainly some things that The Republican Party can do to reach a larger demographic, however, it is disappointing to hear Colin Powell say that most Americans want bigger government and more services for taxes; I think that idea is in stark contrast to a good fifty percent of this country. I think that Americans want security, however, once people begin to understand the bigger picture, they will learn that bigger government and higher taxes is actually detrimental to economic growth, as well as our personal liberties and freedom to make our own choices in life.

I would love too see a candidate rise up and be able to use good common-sense policies from all major parties; and be able to articulate these policies to the people in a way that people can “relate to” and understand. I do believe that this person is sorely needed for these times. Which does very much lend itself to a third party candidate; perhaps more so then any other time in our American history.


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