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Charlie Rangel And Citigroup

Written by | December 2nd, 2008

Well, the fun continues, evidently:

Charlie Rangel, a NY Congressman, and incidentally, The House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, went on a three-day conference paid for by a number of powerful corporations early last month on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin.

Members of Congress are required to seek prior written permission to take free multi-day trips and file reports listing all financial sponsors within two weeks of each trip.

While Rangel failed to do so, it gets better still; one of the three sponsors was Citigroup;

Wait a minute! Weren’t they the financial institution that has received, cumulatively, 45 billion in tax payer, bailout dollars? And how ironic, The House Ways and Means Committee has jurisdiction over legislation, methods, and means of raising revenue for the use of the government.

Isn’t it lovely?

Well, hopefully Charlie got a nice tan out of it.

Perhaps some executives at Citigroup joined the fiesta.

You can read the full article at:,2933,459964,00.html

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2 thoughts on “Charlie Rangel And Citigroup

  1. resqr1968

    As I rethink my future career path, I may consider running for office, as I want a semi private personal gym!! Can I count on your vote? The thing that gets me, is that this kind of nonsense has been going on for years, decades, who knows how long. Talk about the fleecing of America! It is now just becoming a vocal point for Americans, as the excesses just keep oozing out of Uncle Sam's top hat.

    I keep hearing that these CEO’s keep saying they’ll only take $1 in pay for the year. OK, that sounds like it’s a sincere gesture, until you look at the stock options they get on the back side….once everything is fixed! Personally, I’d rather see someone give themselves a modest salary & not take stock options-which will further impact the future economic climate.

    What I'd give to hear either George Carlin or Tim Russert expound upon this current state of our union.


  2. markross Post author

    I have would have to see what policies that you are proposing : )

    I have a feeling that you are using figurative speak, however, have you ever seen the book Fleeced, by Dick Morris? It has been a huge seller for several months now; I have read two chapters, while at the bookstore; apparently, we are being Fleeced, more then we know.

    Perhaps the silver lining is that the whistle has now been blown, on these Federal politicians that are Fleecing us; I just hope that more Americans will “demand” more accountability, and transparency from The Federal Government.

    Also, on the state level, I do see a lot of up and coming talent, however, without a major overhaul of the way things are done in DC, I will remain skeptical.



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