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Can You Afford Government Health Care?

Written by | June 11th, 2009

Several months ago I wrote a bit about how the American people were being fed a huge lie about insurance, i.e. how we all need insurance and how if we all had it, then the cost of medical care would be lower. Frankly I think insurance is quickly becoming government sanctioned extortion, particularly considering the proposal to force people to purchase insurance or face a fine on top of the taxes to pay for someone elses health care. It isn’t clear whether you would be allowed to have health care if you are forced to pay a fine, but I wouldn’t put it past our government to preclude those fined from obtaining government health care.

We Can’t Afford Socialized Health Care

There are several factors to remember when talking about a nationalized health care system and the biggest of them is probably the fact that we can ill afford to pay for it. Consider the points I raised in the previous article regarding the fact that insurance is a business. Currently, medicare costs are bankrupting the system, and presumably the new socialized health care will follow a similar model … pay as you go. As it has been pointed out by many people other than myself, the current “pay as you go” mentality of the government is nothing more than a huge ponzi scheme whereby benefits to previous subscribers are paid for by new subscribers. This means, that at some point, as is now evidenced in both Social Security and Medicare, the new system will be ill prepared to provide for the combined proposed benefits of the subscribers and as a result will either have to cut benefits substancially or it will have to exact more taxation from the subscribers (you and I) to pay for this monstrosity.

Now before I get off on a tangent, let me explain why you cannot afford nObamaCare. Under the current proposal, every citizen in the US or under US control would be required to purchase insurance with the caveat being “if they can afford” to purchase it. I have checked out various insurance programs, considered their cost, and determined that the median family income of  $67,019 a year would probably allow some families to purchase group policies, while others would not. The reason for this is that outside of a group policy as provided by an employer, major medical policies can vary from as little as $350 a month per individual to $1700 a month for a family of four. Now if we consider that an insurance company is a commercial enterprise with aspirations of making a profit, you have to believe that the costs are that high for a reason, and that reason is they have to cover the costs of providing the care.

So what might put you, the average citizen, in the $350 category as opposed to something higher? Consider that your age, health care history, home state, and gender play a huge role in determining your rates, and while race is not immediately asked of applicants, you can rest assured that it plays a factor as well, despite the efforts by government and insurance companies to make us believe otherwise, it is quite obvious to insurance companies that African-American males have a higher health care cost than any other gender/race group of people. The insurance companies know this, and you can bet they have a method to insure they are not exposed unnecessarily. There have been reports of gender and race bias in the application of benefits that seem to unfairly target minorities. Whether this is by design or because of other social issues remains to be resolved. Regardless, the equitable access to health care is expensive, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions.

The bottom line, is do you trust government enough to allow them to dictate whether you can afford to pay $350 a month for single coverage or as much as $1700 a month for family coverage? I doubt most have that kind of faith in our government .. I know I don’t.

Limited Choices for Care

Under the proposed system, your health care will look similar to that of Europe or Canada where it has been reported that medicine is not provided because of cost or treatments denied based on where they live, in fact, under most conditions, patients are barred from paying for the procedures themselves.

According to British journalist Melanie Phillips, the British model, which many in our own government have taken direct clues from as to what they would like to see in the US, has become a matter of life and death with dire circumstances.

” Britain has some of the worst cancer survival rates in Europe, and as some doctors privately acknowledge, one reason is that NHS patients are prevented from buying the most effective drugs.”

She futher states as a matter of policy that the NIH causes physicians to cease treatment for an illness if the patient or patient’s family purchases any enhancements to the treatment. For those who are part of the envy class that hate people for being good money managers and savers instead of spenders, this means that evil rich people have to get the same crappy medical care as the rest of the population, except what they fail to realize is that refusal to allow a person medical care is the exact opposite of their mantra for improved coverage and improved care. I suppose it is only a bad thing if it is somebody else that is refused care. I have a sneaking suspicion that the lawmakers in Washington will not be forced to see the same sub-par medical practitioners as those who will be part of the socialized health care they are advocating so vehemently.

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5 thoughts on “Can You Afford Government Health Care?

  1. markross

    Due to economic circumstances, I have been without health care for nearly a year; on top of that, my allergy and sinus problems have gotten so bad, that some days, I can barely get off the bed, let alone see a doctor, or try a different prescription that may offer some relief.

    Even with that, I am informed enough to know that these past (forced) government managed programs are destined to be huge economic disasters in the end; it seems that the only responsible way to make a health care plan of this size viable, is threw private investment.

    It is certainly interesting to hear some in The Federal government preach about how health care costs are draining us economically, when in fact, it is their very programs such as Social Security and Medicare that are causing, or going to cause the worse problems of all.

    Perhaps if the government would have acted responsibly, years ago, reforming these government programs, and working with the private sector to make health care affordable and accessible, then we likely would not be at this point today.

    God forbid, but what if terrorists entered through our borders, illegally, and caused a cataclysmic event; then after that event, The federal government will say, we must act “now” to enforce our borders. Please, The American people are waking up, and should no longer stand for the government’s incessant excuses to have failed to act timely and responsibly; then try to make us all pay for it down the road, and that is precisely what is happening with health care.

    It truly is their red tape, bureaucracy, partisanship, and void of common-sense thinking that ultimately causes more suffering on the good, hard working citizens of this country…

    If this government mandates one more income tax on us citizens, for another large government ran program, that according to history, will likely fail, and likely will be another band-aid on the larger problem, then we are in fact, truly living under a tyrannical government, and no longer have the liberty to make our own choices in life, as a free society, and as free people should be able to.

  2. markross

    To add to your post…I am sure the government realizes how big of a disaster that Medicare is turning out to be, then with Social Security coming to a head, it may only stand to reason that they will need another big government ran Ponzi scheme to make up the difference.

    To pick up on your point about government sanctioned extortion; I am starting to believe this to be true for just about all federal income tax that we now pay.

    They have pulled the wool over our eyes for long enough!

  3. markross

    I have seen this organization several times on TV…

    It is called CPR… Conservatives for Patients' Rights

    For anyone concerned about the possibility a of nationalized heath care plan, the above organization may be a very good starting point…

  4. markross

    The government is really walking a slippery slope here with the American people…

    In regards to government managed health care, we know that the government has not ran or managed a program that will be sustained financially over the long haul.

    We also know, with countries that have government ran health care, the government often rations health care and medicine based on what they see as fit for your care. In fact, people often come to The USA to get treatment for this very reason.

    And lastly, I am not trying to freak anyone out, however, what happens one day, if and when the government ran health care program is no longer sustainable and people no longer have a place to go to seek treatment?  Will the government then start deciding that people should die, because there is no feasible way to keep people alive? Could they start introducing Eugenics, to where they will decide who is fit enough to be alive and who isn’t? Anyone ever see the movie Logan’s Run?

    Again, I am not trying to freak anyone out, but the more we allow the government to manage our every needs, then the more control they "will" have; as if they do not have enough control in our lives already.

    I say, it is time to say enough…all we really need is for the government to work with private health care companies and come up with a way to make health care affordable and accessible to all people of all ages, regardless of your age and heath…It is called risk assessment.


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