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Bill O’Reilly On The Economy

Written by | February 27th, 2009
Here is some very good, honest analysis by Bill O’Reilly on the economy..
Let’s be honest, our economy is in dire shape right now, and we need people like Bill who will tell it just like it is.
On this issue, I happen to be on the same page as Bill.
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3 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly On The Economy

  1. markross Post author

    Bill hit the nail on the head!

    Both parties, equally (not one person), have failed us miserably.

    Like Bill, I do believe that both parties are in desperate need of reform, however, I do not believe that the necessary changes will come until The American people, collectively, and continually demand it to happen. Does anyone out there see signs of real reform? The partisanship is worse now then it was prior, and during the election.

    Our government does not seem capable of reforming themselves; and let’s face it, our politicians know that we are some of the most complacent people in the world; therefore, they will keep on pushing their agendas, until one day, it could be all over, and there may be no turning back.

  2. markross Post author

    While I strongly disagree with this (big spending) approach that the government is taking, and while The Republican party is also (outwardly) strongly opposed to that massive, so-called stimulus package, signed into law; I have heard reports that 40% of these earmarks that were written into the final package, are Republican earmarks.

    If that is true, who then, in D.C, is truly looking out for the collective good of The U.S. citizens? Political philosophies aside, the reality seems to be that we have a truly fractured political system in The United States; where corruption, greed, excess, and political ambitions, all supersedes core, political philosophies and wisdom.

  3. markross Post author

    I definitely agree with Bill, that American workers are very innovative; however, we also need a government that clears a path for this innovation; in my opinion, this requires incentives for taking risks, and moving our country forward.

    When the government is talking about raising taxes on one class of people and not the other; or they incessantly raise taxes on any and all groups, then hard work is less likely to be produced, and people's morale will likely fizzle away.

    It is unfortunate, but a government can either motivate, or disenfranchise the people of a given country, and this is why government is not only a necessary evil, but imperative to the growth, or collapse of a country.



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