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Ayn Rand: Capitalism Versus Socialism

Written by | December 27th, 2010

In this 1959 interview, Mike Wallace is interviewing the famous author, Ayn Rand, who is most famous for her 1957 novel, “Atlas Shrugged.” In this interview, Rand, very astutely, explains how, and why Capitalism is far superior to Socialism; and what has gone wrong with the Free-market system, since our Founders first implemented it, with the creation of our new Republic.

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One thought on “Ayn Rand: Capitalism Versus Socialism

  1. markross Post author

    In the above interview, Ayn Rand makes this very astute statement:
    “I do not believe that a majority can vote a man’s life, or property, or freedom, away from him.”

    That one sentence explains, clearly, “exactly” what has gone wrong in The United States! And, it is also a symptom of these God-Forsaken Parties, who have utterly rejected their Limited Powers, given to them by our Founders.

    Please see:
    How did we get to this point?


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