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August Townhall Meetings Throughout The United States

Written by | August 11th, 2009

For several months, if not years, United States citizens have felt extremely disenfranchised and blatantly ignored by a great majority of the people that they elect to represent them. However, this all came to a head in September of 2008, when it was announced that the financial giant, Lehman Brothers, was going under.

Subsequently, a domino effect began taken place, and the federal government, despite the will of the vast majority of citizens, took us down a reckless path of bailouts, and extraordinary, unprecedented amounts of government spending; all while so many companies were laying off, and people began loosing their homes, in record numbers.

Finally, after several months of the citizen pleas, and failed attempts to communicate with Congress, to simply ask them to please, slow down, it now appears to be coming to a head.

At last, The Congress, “Let them eat cake” attitude, appears to be catching up to them, as they are now back in their home districts, and meeting face to face with their constituents. And for all the members of Congress that have failed to listen to, or care about their constituents, I say, “Let them eat cake”!

The below clips are from a series of town hall meetings that have been taken place around the country, in the month of August, 2009:

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5 thoughts on “August Townhall Meetings Throughout The United States

  1. markross Post author

    Lebanon, Pennsylvania

    I love this clip…

    This man speaks right to the way so many of us feel! The feeling of being disenfranchised by our so-called representatives; and their blatant disconnect between themselves and their constituents.

    I can totally feel his pain, and his anger, as he lays into Senator Arlen Specter.

    He said, verbatim, "you and your cronies in the government, do this kind of stuff, all the time."

    Ahh, it is like poetry! I commend him for speaking out, and agree with his words, completely.

  2. markross Post author

    Lebanon, Pennsylvania

    In this clip, Katy Abram tells the senator, "you have awakened the sleeping giant," and she is absolutely correct! However, the biggest applaud came when she asked the senator, "what are you going to do, to restore this country back to what our founders created, according to The Constitution"?

    That was a great question, as our federal government has conveniently moved further and further away from our founding principals, while assuming that they have an almost unfettered amount of power. If you listen closely, you can hear her evoke the name of George Washington. Very touching!

  3. markross Post author

    Lebanon, Pennsylvania

    Another great clip for anyone that truly appreciates the freedom and liberties that our founders gave us…

    The man in red, clearly explains to the senator, the federal government's assumption that they have "the right to control our lives, from pre-birth to death."

    He then tells the senator that there is no further need to continue working on a bill that would allow the federal government such power to control our health care, and our lives. He then goes on to offer some very rational solutions that many of us would agree with.

    Reflecting the way many of us feel, he respectfully asks the senator, if the federal government would just "leave us alone."

  4. markross Post author

    Tampa, Florida

    This is at Representative Kathy Castor's Townhall in Tampa. Clearly, the people are not very happy.

    In the beginning of the clip, they are chanting, "You work for us"! "You work for us"! And, "Here our voice"! Here our voice"!

    Yes indeed! Sadly, those in Congress, seem to have forgotten who they work for.

  5. markross Post author

    Clark County, Washington

    This is excellent!…

    This is a Town Hall Meeting with Congressman Brian Baird, in Clark County, Washington.

    The retired marine in this video, tells The Congressman, "exactly" what is on his mind, and gives a bit of a well-needed history and Constitutional lesson.

    In response to Speaker Pelosi's recent accusation that concerned citizens were carrying swastikas; the marine speaks directly to that, with these words…

    "The Nazis were the National Socialist Party; they were leftists. They took over the finances; they took over the car industry; they took over health care in their country. If Nancy Pelosi wants to find a Swastika, may be the first place she should look, is the sleeve of her own arm."

    Well said! And sadly, accurate.


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