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Anger Is Rising In The United States

Written by | June 12th, 2010

Since the very early days, following Barack Obama’s Inauguration, and their far-reaching, Big Government, Progressive agenda,  Conservative Americans on the right, have been at great odds with this administration, and the far-left Democrats which currently have the majorities in Congress.

Unfortunately, rather then things improving, it appears that things continue to increasingly get worse, as our national debt sky-rockets, unemployment stays high… and now, an ecological disaster in The Gulf of Mexico, which (containment wise) this administration does not appear to have a great command over.

While it is very understandable to see the right get angry with this far-left agenda, it now appears that the left’s own base is beginning to pile on as well… as they, unbelievably, do not think The Obama Administration is governing far enough to the left.

Politically, things do not look good for The Obama Administration.  As far as the state of The United States, sadly, things do not appear to be getting any better either. Most Americans, anxiously, appear to be looking forward to November and the mid-term elections, to have a peaceful revolution at the ballot box, and hopefully, restore a bit of sanity back into our country. Until then, anger appears to continue bubbling up on both sides of the political fence.

Please listen to Bill O’Reilly on this:

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One thought on “Anger Is Rising In The United States

  1. Barbara Ann

    Complacency and apathy on the part of many US citizens are a thing of the past. Patriotism is alive and well in this country. Many are feeling threatened by this administration and their very radical agenda. I am one of those people, and I intend to do my part to hold onto my country and our Constitution.


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