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America’s Black Founders

Written by | June 3rd, 2010

On Friday, May 28, 2010, Glenn Beck, with his two guests, David Barton and Lucas Morel, did a great show on America’s Black Founders. So often, and rightfully so, we talk about great founders such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, but many of us were really surprised, and quite honestly, angry, that much of this great history was not shared in our textbooks, and taught in our public schools. As a consequence, too many distortions, in mainstream American history, have been perpetuated over the years. 

I hope that we will see more shows like this, so that African American citizens will be rightfully appreciated for their great contributions to our country; and so our history, which has been distorted, can be corrected. 

The good news is, back then, there were many black citizens, who certainly contributed to our great country, in more ways then most of us realize. I am very thankful to Glenn for bringing this (below) history to the forefront of American culture. 


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Here is the second part of Glenn’s special on The Black Founders, from June 25th:

For further reading on this subject, you can purchase David Barton’s book: “American History in Black and White,” here, at / On DVD, at

Additional Resources:

Here is Glenn and his guests, from the May 28th show, fielding questions from the studio audience.

Here is some more great resources on African American History, from

Further Reading:
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4 thoughts on “America’s Black Founders

  1. Barbara Ann

    It is important that black Americans know that they had a place in our history other than slavery. I hope it will help them to realize that they have always been a part of American history in a very positive and patriotic way from day one…and we thank them!

  2. Jackie Durkee

    It is such a shame how our history has been distorted by Progressives over the last 100+ years. We need to get this stuff back in the textbooks for young people to learn. My niece had a history book this last year that showed Knoxville as the capital of Tennessee instead of Nashville. Now how stupid is that!

  3. Ellen

    I think, what is a shame is that the progressives would make an issue that wasn't an issue… yes, racism existed but not to the extent that they claimed that it needed to be fixed.  Glenn's guest David Barton brought in the obituaries of black patriots… these men were honored for their service. It wasn't until many years later that racism is the issue that it is today, through manipulation and revision. Such a travesty to our country.

  4. Trish

    I for one am furious that none of this was taught in our schools. For generations it seems, we are all from different age groups which shows this has gone on for a long time. Those who went to Colleges to become Teachers were duped. We have not been educated we have been indoctrinated.


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