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A Few More Thoughts On National Healthcare

Written by | September 13th, 2009

I have been thinking more about the issue of national health care, and would like to share some of my thoughts:

If we can get most, if not all of the conservative ideas to health care (see below table) reform, then perhaps we should succumb and allow it to be mandatory that all citizens purchase health care from “private sector” companies,  just as car insurance is mandatory. “For public safety”
Everyone, of all ages, agreeing to purchase health care, is the only way companies may be able to “not deny” pre-existing conditions, stay profitable and in business. It would allow insurance companies to collect premiums from all citizens, including the healthiest of citizens, while funding (and not denying) care to those who are in the most need. This would also insure (catastrophic insurance) the healthiest of individuals in case they had an emergency and needed to get urgent care.
It would also be “much” better for our long term economic well-being: By creating more free-market competition,  and insuring that all people are covered, we won’t have to worry about long-term, ballooning, health care costs, which would save our economy over the long-term. Also, if we released employers of the burden of paying for health care, they could possibly contribute to your private sector health care plan as incentive to hiring you. It may even allow employers to pay individuals higher salaries.

I see this as a way that we can come together, as a nation, but still maintain our liberty, privacy and freedom of choice.

I believe, the aforementioned is far better then any public option or having the government managing another large program, which more then likely, would balloon out of control at some point, and further damage our long term, economic stability.

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One thought on “A Few More Thoughts On National Healthcare

  1. Jackie

    I like and it sounds so reasonable.  I sometimes feel that Obama and the far left are not wanting to budge on this because there ulterior motive is a single payer government run healthcare system.  Not having the public option stands in their way of achieving their utlimate goal.


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